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Celebrating Women's History Month

While Feniex Industries has grown to be a wild success for the young founder Hamza Deyaf, one of the first people he attributes his success to is his mother. As he struggled to keep the business afloat in his parents’ garage, his mother helped him package eBay orders. With the help of his mother and family believing in him, Hamza's dream came to life. Seventeen years later, Feniex Industries continues to reach its goals with the help of other invaluable women who believe in this dream. And what a perfect time to highlight them as women's history month comes to an end. Let us introduce you to some of the trailblazers we are lucky enough to be inspired by here at Feniex Industries.


Yemilyn Mosley  |  COO, Feniex Industries

Yemilyn Mosley is a key player at Feniex that we all know, love, and deeply want to impress (after all, she runs the show). With a background that began in Puerto Rico, Yemilyn’s career history has been the definition of breaking through the glass ceiling. Starting from a young age, Yemilyn has never been afraid to put in hard work and remain immensely curious. When asked what propelled her rise to the position she is in today, she recalled fond memories of her childhood on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico with her 2 brothers, mother and father. Often eager to be outside with the boys, working on their farm “building fences and mixing concrete”, Yemilyn says that she never was put in a space where she felt like she didn’t belong. Even when she was the only girl in the room, there was never a doubt in her mind that she should be there. “I don’t have those barriers, and I’m not filtering my life or my environment based on any of that because I am focused on the goal at hand”, she says. 

That belief remains with her today. Calling it “the perfect environment to help [her] develop those traits”, Yemilyn discussed how her mother, a biology teacher, and her father, a biochemist, instilled in her a thirst for knowledge that left her always questioning the systems around her. Following in her parents’ footsteps, Yemilyn studied chemistry in college and began to pursue an array of challenging positions. From learning the ins and outs of the “beautiful industry” of industrial chemicals, owning multiple businesses, starting a family, and successfully managing several sales roles, Yemilyn worked hard and kept her eyes focused on new opportunities. In 2017, shortly after moving from Puerto Rico to Austin, she was hired at Feniex Industries as an International Account Manager, but did not stay in that position for long.

Within 2-3 short months, Yemilyn was able to catch the attention of CEO Hamza Deyaf by turning one of “the worst books in the business” into double what it was when she first entered the role. Showing great initiative and leadership among her team, the executive team unanimously offered her VP of Sales. Once again, Yemilyn proved their intuitions right, spending 3 years pushing Feniex sales numbers to new heights. Now, as COO, she reflects on the ups and downs of her career and says that she attributes her success to “discipline and systems”, two skills that are ever-evolving. A woman of incredible determination and remarkable work ethic, Yemilyn has contributed greatly to Feniex Industries and has cleared every hurdle in the company's path, from covid to supply chain shortages to the many growing pains of being an up-and-coming business. As she often mentions in the company meetings, Yemilyn believes every role at Feniex is responsible for driving us to be a success, but we believe that she plays one of the biggest roles of all.   


Amy Robertson

Amy Robertson  |  Director of Manufacturing, Feniex Industries

As a leader, Amy speaks about the production crew with absolute respect and admiration because she says “For me, in my heart, I understand that the people who make the parts are very valuable. I want to try to always honor the fact that these people are the backbone.” Amy’s motto is simple. “Don’t limit yourself….You can still think outside the box. You can still learn new things. You can still do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. It’s never too late”. We agree. Amy Robertson is certainly someone to celebrate. 

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these women have each worked their way up to these roles by improving our business daily and propelling us in the direction of the 100-million-dollar company we plan to become. Women’s History Month is an important time to come together and highlight the incredible people within our companies who have worked hard to be where they are. We strive daily to empower our Feniex family so that we can meet our goals and be better together.